STEM workshops: Education for Global Leadership

Our Objectives
Science is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world. Every child is inherently curious. Through our programs, we encourage kids to know STEM by providing interactive fun and engaging STEM experiments, activities and projects.

Our programs
We have a wide range of programs in STEM. Our programs are fun and informative. We use the right kind of tools to capture attention, engage learners, explain difficult concepts and inspire creativity. For example we use a robot with coding to fire up a child’s imagination, inspire dreams, and build confidence.

Why schools need our programs?
Currently most primary schools still rely on classroom teachers to deliver STEM programs, who already have many other pressures placed upon them. But with ever increasing salary on experienced teachers, a lack of time on preparation, insufficient facilities and inadequate resources, outsourcing becomes a trend that allows the school to concentrate on its core objectives.

By using our program you can consider hiring a specialized STEM teacher by sharing the cost among 2-3 schools over the week. We have been providing STEM programs to our members at our learning centers and few primary schools in Hong Kong since 2010.

Our teaching notes
Our teaching notes are informative but easy to understand.

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