Instead of teaching STEM by building connection between science, technology, engineering and math that some schools do, we stress on practicing during the process more than just learning about certain scientific concepts only.

We design a series of workshops by using Mindstorms. We aim to nurture students’ logical reasoning and unleash their potential in innovation to better tackle the problems in daily life.

Details of the program:
Total 10 workshops out of the following available lessons
Time: 5:00 – 6:30p.m.
Venue: North Point Learning Center
Program fee: $3000 for the whole program
Class size: 4-6

Our topics:

  1. Analog clock (Level 1, 1.5hrs) – Clock is used to measure time. Analogy clock is traditionally designed to read time in an easy way.
  2. Simple crank(s) (Level 1, 1.5hrs) – Crank is a part of machine to change the direction of motion.
  3. Color reader (Level 1, 1.5hrs) – Barcodes are used in various areas, like ISBN in books and supermarkets. Color codes use multi-colours to represent situation or items.
  4. Speed racing car (Level 2, 1.5hrs) – Gear can change the rotational speed and rotational direction of rotor.
  5. Light sensing window (Level 2, 1.5hrs) – Automatic windows can detect light in the room and open or close accordingly.
  6. Auto-door (Level 3, 3hrs) – Automatic door use ultrasonic or infra-red sensing to open. Operation of door depends on sensitivity of sensor and distance of object from door.
  7. Motion sensing anti-thief alarm (Level 3, 3hrs) – Alarm systems are used to prevent loss of valuables by detection of irregularities which trigger by thief.
  8. Anti-burglary alarm for door/window (Level 3, 3hrs) – In the prevention of burglary, burglar usually breaks window or door and enters the protected area.